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The one thing our customers take comfort in is the fact that our moving company is local and so are all the staff. You see there is certain pride about coming from an area and this translates in to the work we do. We want our clients praising our services and recommending us to friends and family because we want to build a solid relationship with the community.

Being around for over 20 years we have seen buildings go up and new areas develop, we have relocated young families and then even their kids many years later to new states or homes. So we have seen people grow up through the years and it’s always nice to revisit a family and help them out.

The general idea for us to get you to that new location is we will answer the phone call at our head office and take your information. Even if you call after hours on the east coast we have a partnered office on the west coast to take the call so you will always talk to a live staff member. From there some brief information will be taken about the move then we will pass the info to the dispatcher in your area who will work out a price. Once the price is calculated the dispatcher will call you back and go over a few more in depth questions about the move to see if anything needs to be altered and they will arrange a moving date that suites you best and a morning or afternoon slot. They will ask you if you need to buy any boxes or wrapping material and then wait for the moving day to come and get the job done. Depending on the size of the move we will have a team of staff who are working hard to shift items quickly to get the move done in a fast and safe manner.

Once you are in your new residence our staff will ask if you need any additional help and we will always follow up a few days later to make sure you are all settled in and you were happy with the move.

We will always have special moving rates going on so we advise you to ask our staff members when you phone. They will tell you what promotions we have to save you a little extra on that next big relocation.

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Our Testimonials

  • Date: Aug 27 2013
    We needed a mover that was available ASAP as our place had serious water damage after a bust pipe so we needed to save items. The guys rushed to help us and they even had rain boots on to wade through the angle deep water. They helped move stuff that was not damaged like family heirlooms and did it very quickly. I am very thankful to these guys and I would always recommend them.
  • Date: Aug 27 2013
    I never wanted to spend on a moving company but in the end I caved after my wife said she is not helping me shift boxes in to a U-Haul again. These guys came to my rescue and gave me a real good price which kept the wife happy and saved me a good day’s work. The price really was not that much more then when I do it myself and it was quicker with a team of dudes moving boxes and items.
  • Date: Aug 27 2013
    If you need to move a big item then I suggest you give moving company Baltimore a call, they can lift and move pretty much anything as they have all the equipment needed. I was happy I hired these guys and I would employ their services again.
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