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A move is not an everyday occurrence; it will come about maybe a handful of times in a lifetime. So with that in mind when you do decide to relocate you really want to choose the right company that will help you make that relocation. We concentrate on making sure the customer is prepared and has everything they need to get from one location to the other. This will involve us helping you plan and gather up all the materials you need like boxes and tape and checklists. We have been in business and doing this now for over 20 years moving many a client in and around the Baltimore area and even out of state.
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Two brothers started this business with just $5000 loaned from their grandparents 20 years ago. It has now grown in to a thriving business with 10 trucks, 5 vans and a great team of staff who serve Baltimore and its sounding cities and towns. We have been going this long because we really care about our customers and we listen to their feedback so we can improve on the business we have built and make smother transitions for our customers. You will always get the best when you decide to employ our moving services.
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Our Testimonials

  • Date: Aug 27 2013
    We needed a mover that was available ASAP as our place had serious water damage after a bust pipe so we needed to save items. The guys rushed to help us and they even had rain boots on to wade through the angle deep water. They helped move stuff that was not damaged like family heirlooms and did it very quickly. I am very thankful to these guys and I would always recommend them.
    - Mercedes Smith
  • Date: Aug 27 2013
    I never wanted to spend on a moving company but in the end I caved after my wife said she is not helping me shift boxes in to a U-Haul again. These guys came to my rescue and gave me a real good price which kept the wife happy and saved me a good day’s work. The price really was not that much more then when I do it myself and it was quicker with a team of dudes moving boxes and items.
    - K.Miller
  • Date: Aug 27 2013
    If you need to move a big item then I suggest you give moving company Baltimore a call, they can lift and move pretty much anything as they have all the equipment needed. I was happy I hired these guys and I would employ their services again.
    - Dean Richards
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